Silent Install Builder is one of the best setup / installer creation software products. The core advantage of this programme is that, in an business environment, you can build custom installers and simplify software implementation projects. It also produces a very clever kit consistent with the Setup Manager of the System Center, Object of Community Control, Intune and other device implementation tools.

If you have to concurrently instal a range of applications through several devices, Silent Install Creator is the great software. This software’s specialisation is that the installer device built from it does not sit. In a very short period of time, we can ready the installer using this app. The user interface of the Silent Install Builder is very impressive and simple to use. The command line options are immediately identified and the operations are carried out in offline mode.

You can make improvements to the register quickly as well. No, the best thing about this software. Of the functions performed in automated mode, programme is also strongly recommended. Silent installation builder is a fully editable programme for installer development.

Comparison Between Silent Install Builder and Ninite

Silent Install Builder


Fast performance

Little bit slow

Installer can automatically detect command line options

Doesn’t create setup for commercial use 

Can make file and registry changes

It is support registry changes

It is a offline software

Ninite is online software

  • UI automation script
  • Command execution
  • Multiple installation
  • Fast performance
  • Easy to use
  • Little bit costly



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