Hv Manager is used for the managing of Hyper-V virtual machines, this programme is designed to be run through a web browser. You can create multi-user access with role-based authentication on Hyper-V servers. You can also configure multi-user access from any computer to virtual machines through a web browser and delegate users and classes to virtual machines. It offers a stable HTTPS and User Authentication link to the web interface. It is developed by AprelTech which was created by a team of developers with the aim of developing effective, scalable and robust applications for system administration.

Hyper-V Manager offers principal features over the web interface. It can be deployed on a server with enabled Hyper-V role, including Server Core and Nano installations. The easy to use web user interface helps users to access virtual machines from web enabled devices.

Using Hv Manager, you can start, turn-off, pause, shutdown, save state and reset VMs. You can also track the key parameters of the virtual machine, such as CPU utilisation, uptime, reserved memory, and the time of the last change of state. All information is processed in real time so that you can keep an eye on the virtual machines status remotely using the web console.
What Is Hyper-V? (If in case you don’t know)

Hyper-V is a Microsoft-developed virtualization platform, also known as a hypervisor. By virtualizing different operating systems, it encourages administrators to make the most of their machines so they operate from the same physical machine simultaneously. 

In 2008, when virtualization was a new idea, Hyper-V premiered. There were a few people who understood what it was, and others find it impossible to comprehend. Virtualization was confusing and difficult to introduce in the early days, but it has improved dramatically in just a few years. Virtualization is everywhere today.

Comparison Between Hv Manager and Opmanager

Hv Manager


Fast performance & small in size

Little bit slow & bigger file size

Easy to use

Very complex

Free version available 

Too costly & no free version

Supports Windows 8.1, 10, Server

Supports Windows 8.1, 10, Server

  • Manage multiple Hyper-V servers
  • Web access via encrypted HTTPS connection
  • Connect virtual machines via RDP WEB console
  • Web Forms role-based authentication
  • Claims based authentication for Windows users & groups
  • Assign Virtual Machines to users and groups
  • Multi-Tenancy Based Access
  • Users Audit and app event logs
  • Simple UI and easy to use
  • Some advance features are missing


    Features of Hv Manager

    • Hyper-V Management:

    Use one browser-based app to handle several Hyper-V servers. 

    • Role-based access:

    For AD users and groups, customise role-based authentication. Assign VMs to users.

    • Logging:

    Monitor Users and Audit activities.

    • Web Interface:

    Safe access from any computer with a browser to virtual machines.

    • RDP Connect:

    Connect to servers and VMs using the rdp console from browser.

    • Easy to install and use:

    Fast Configuration and start handling your servers in minutes. No Dependencies. 
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