Laradesk – Helpdesk Ticketing System is a helpdesk service management solution. Customers may file tickets here, and agents can respond to them. With a simple and clean interface, your customers can manage their tickets with a few clicks and receive an email notice for each answer to their tickets. All of your customer support inquiries from multiple channels are collected, organized, and tracked by a helpdesk ticketing system, which allows you to handle them all in one location.

Laradesk – Helpdesk Ticketing System prevent critical requests from falling through the cracks by streamlining procedures, organizing information, and simplifying interactions. With prepared answers and attachments, you can keep track of ticket responses in an organized manner. Each reply will send a notification to the client’s email, and he will be able to react with a simple click. Organize your teams and assign agents to departments so that they are only responsible for the tickets that pertain to them. To manage ticket responses more quickly, create and manage prepared responses.


  • Ticket creation and management Files can be attached to tickets.
  • Each time a ticket is answered, you’ll get an email notice.
  • Organize tickets by their current state.
  • Organize tickets according to their labels.
  • Sort tickets into departments.
  • Each department should have its own set of users.
  • Each ticket should be assigned a priority.
  • Organize prepared replies and use them to respond to tickets.
  • Manage your users and their roles.
  • Set preferences using the visual interface.
  • Translate the strings from the graphical user interface.

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