This bundle contains 375 low poly prefabs that may be used to quickly construct a high-quality interior scene. There are prefabs that are ready to be placed in the scene. A single texture was used to build all the models. Drag and drop is all that is required to use this object. The assets are fantastic and would work well in any simple/cartoon-themed game. There are several assets from which to pick. Provides you with everything you need to develop modern, western living areas. Very well sized and structured. It was well worth the money.

The price was also quite low for such a comprehensive group of assets. It contained nearly every interior you might need to finish a house or anything else. It’s simple to use (everything fits into place), and the creator responds to your questions. Without even glancing at the sample scene, I could design an interior. The bundle includes a wide range of game-ready prefabs, and with a little effort, you may get excellent results. Indoor sceneries may be even more attractive by using post processing and point lighting. The product uses a single texture, so it works well on mobile devices, and you can set up your own interior scenario in minutes using the modular wall assets. I believe these assets are most suited for top-down games, but you can certainly use them in other types of games; they look great.

Designed for:
  • Standard RP
  •  Lightweight RP
  •  High-Definition RP
  •  RP Universal

This Asset Pack Contains Following Models:

  • Dividers (63 pcs).
  • The ground (28 pcs).
  • The restroom (33 pcs).
  • The kitchen (36 pcs).
  • Props for the Kitchen (68 pcs).
  • Props for the Room (85 pcs).
  • Luminous (14 pcs).
  • Draping (15 pcs).
  • Plants and flowers (7 pcs).
  • Furniture that is interactive (26 pcs).
  • Particle Effects (3pcs).

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