This bundle contains 515 low poly models that may be used to quickly construct a high-quality city game. All models are ready to be placed in the scene and have been produced using a single texture for improved performance! They made many models of distinct components, allowing you to quickly animate and interact with them. Includes a demo scene. I adore the publisher’s approach to asset creation. This asset is ideal for mobile games, particularly those with a top-down perspective.

Designed for:

  • Unity is a standard roleplaying game.
  • RP in High-Definition
  • RP (lightweight)
  • RP (universal)

This Asset Pack Contains Following Models:

  • Buildings: 136 pcs (33pcs Interactive with separate doors).
  • Props: 170 pcs (7pcs Interactive: Windmill, Fans, Parking gate).
  • Vehicles: 64 pcs.
  • Nature: 59 pcs
  • Roads and Floor: 86 pcs.
  • Particles: 5 pcs.

Key Features:

  • Texture number one (1024x1024px). 
  • Models range in size from 4 to 15024 vertices.

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