This is a lovely low poly art style bundle with houses, objects, and wildlife. It includes 196 unique prefabs for quickly creating your own low poly hamlet with forest. Modular parts are simple to assemble in several configurations. A high-quality Low-Poly modular village builder. Houses and props are well made and of prime quality, with many details taken into consideration. There are nine prefabricated homes and around 70 props. They also provided nature and landscape models. If you need a large Medieval village for your project.

These materials have made it simple to create a visually appealing background for a video. This asset, like the other two “Just Create” assets I’ve used in films, is lovely and well-made (as the title suggests). The art is stylized, but not too so. We generate haphazardly many low poly objects, with a separate material for each hue, causing performance to suffer. This one, however, does not qualify. For all the natural elements, a single material with a limited colour palette. This enables for simple colour changes in programmes like Gimp or Photoshop, or essentially anything that can edit a png. This is money well spent if you require low poly nature shots for your project. This asset has the potential to save you (literally) hundreds of hours of labor. 

Designed For:

  • Typical RP. 
  • High-Definition RP
  • Lightweight RP
  • Universal RP 

This Asset Pack Contains following 3D Assets:

  • Landscape (15 models)
  • Nature (62 models)
  • Props (70 models)
  • Food (12 models)
  • House Parts (28 models)
  • Pre made Houses (9 models)


  • Texture 1 (1024x1024px).
  • Models range in size from 20 to 13182 verts (complex models).
  • Pre-made homes range in size from 12242 to 26166 verts.

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