This low poly collection includes everything you need to build a one-of-a-kind nature scene. They designed all elements in a low poly art style. All pivots are precisely positioned, and we scaled appropriately all meshes for your game environment.

This pack also includes a comprehensive collection of low poly style terrain textures with crisp tiling normal maps that may be dynamically illuminated to blend in with our prior packs’ Static Mesh ground components. With these textures and the terrain system included, it is quite simple to “nature pack” in your creations. Excellent asset! I’d like to highlight that the publisher worked very hard to create these stylized nature assets. This is a massive amount of work. All the models are well-done and of high quality. It’s like a miniature natural world into which you’d like to venture.

Designed For:

  • Standard RP
  • High-Definition RP
  • Lightweight RP 
  • Universal RP

This Asset Pack Contains following Assets:

  • 32 Trees
  • 22 Rocks
  • 13 Grass
  • 18 Mushrooms
  • 9 Ruins
  • 10 Flowers
  • 11 Stumps
  • 43 Other prefabs

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