Create whatever sort of motorcycle physics you like; this package includes built-in prefabs; all you need to do is replace your model with the bike prefab model; no script is necessary. The ultimate motorcycle PHYSICS includes motorcycle physics as well as a character controller that supports third and first person mechanics. Build motor cross motorcycles, power bikes, bicycles, dirt bikes, cruisers, and anything else you can think of. Yes, now that they include the AI in the ultimate motorbike mechanics, the motorcycle may navigate itself with no player controller. The built-in character controller has first-person and third-person modes so you can enjoy the camera from all angles while riding your bike. The scripts are self-explanatory, making updating Soo simple.

The character controller supports hand, head, body, and leg it, which allows the character body mesh with the bike while in motion. They have designed the motorbike wheel PHYSICS to mimic real-life physics, and it supports wheelies, in which the bike lifts its front wheel off the ground. When sliding, the wheels may generate smoke, tire imprints, and lifelike noises.


  • They may change the tilt angle.
  • The bouncy nature of the wheels.
  • Suspension length.
  • Effects of gear transmission.
  • Body alignment by the road lane and bends.
  • Rider made another to spare you the trouble of building one.

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