This is a COPTER physician that can generate any sort of copter controlled independent of the propeller system, and it also comes with battle AI. This is a tool that can be used to construct any sort of helicopter physics, support any style of propeller, and it is also battle ready (i.e. it has a built-in gun and missile launcher). Control, the well-organized inspector, makes it easy for Developers to come up with different copters by just changing the settings.

The helicopter’s controls are excellent. It’s also simple to control. It appears to be realistic. It is simple to utilize and include into a project. AI works perfectly, and the code is simple to tweak! and the author is really responsive.


  • It can utilize its own wheel Physics or the unity wheel Collider that is built in.
  • It has no negative impact on the Unity3d Physics system.
  • The Unity3d rigid body system.
  • Capable of clamping rotation on specific axes or setting free axes.
  • Adjust the yaw and tilt angles.
  • Airdrag.
  • I should drag individual Axis rotation.
  • Propelled mechanism that is realistic.
  • Prepared for battle.
  • Ai in combat.

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