This tool, which is included in this package, generates geometry using my Simple Mesh Generator tool as a basis. The primary goal of this tool is to enable you to setup one or more automobiles for usage in your project alongside your current assets. Cars may be produced during runtime, which is useful if you don’t know what car you’ll need ahead of time. As a result, you can produce it with the necessary changes. Cars may be stored as Prefabs, which allows you to build a library of useable vehicles. Almost every part of the automobile may be customized, and decals can be applied to the top and hood.

It works perfectly, and it was just what I was searching for! The examples are useful, and it was easy to get it to work. It took a minute at first to look through the code and figure out how everything is related. The Simple Mesh Generator included with CarBuilder is another great tool that I want to employ in my project. I’m extremely pleased now that I’ve seen the broad picture and have a rudimentary understanding of how this CarBuilder constructs vehicles! The way all of the automobile pieces interact with one another in a cascade fashion is nicely thought out.

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