There are 45 super casual action models in the bundle. That may be in game development as active elements or as icons. This bundle is ideal for ultra-casual games. Simultaneously, the models may be high-quality props in your production. The first feature of the pack is that the UV map of all models is “collapsed” to a point or a line, allowing you the model with pure material of one colour (if the map is “collapsed” to a line, you can fill it with a gradient), but it limits your ability to add detail with texture. Some wooden model pieces are exempt from this rule. When selecting this pack for your project, keep these things in mind.

These methods allow for considerable increases in productivity and resource savings, although they need certain particular settings with colour changes. The pack’s second feature is that it contains another pack with purchased shaders for Unity. This shader will assist you in creating a bright and attractive visual look for your project. There aren’t many other assets with such helpful objects. In this bundle, I only discovered ones that piqued my curiosity. The fact is that it is a perfect fit for my project. This is a fantastic asset.

List of Prefabulous Things:

  • Axel (496 tris)
  • Baseball Stuff (936 tris)
  • Cleaverly (300 tris).
  • a hatchet (346 tris).
  • Katana is a Japanese sword (645 tris, with sheath – 1149 tris).
  • Knife No. 1 (397 tris).
  • Knife number two (787 tris).
  • 01 Shuriken (288 tris).
  • Shuriken No. 02 (340 tris).
  • Knife Throwing 01 (278 tris).
  • Knife Throwing 02 (320 tris).
  • bandage (206 tris).
  • Binoculars are a type of magnifying glass (992 tris).
  • Timer-controlled bomb (3068 tris).
  • Vest with Bulletproof Protection (1686 tris).
  • The compass (546 tris).
  • Bow and arrow (1850 tris).
  • Arrow from a Crossbow (354 tris).
  • Kit for First Aid (904 tris).
  • Grenade (882 tris).
  • The harpoon (1072 tris).
  • Arrow of Harpoon (124 tris).
  • Marker (1982 tris).
  • Military Locker (919 tris)
  • Openable (Locker Top – 1284 tris)
  • Muffler (358 tris).
  • Missile Launcher Quadruple (304 tris).
  • Molotov Cocktail (1330 tris)

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