This package consists of 272 distinct low poly prefabricates to simply make your farm game of the highest quality. All the prefabs are ready to be inserted into the scene and made for better performance with a single texture! Included demo scene. In my videos, I frequently use Just Create materials. They are pleasing to the sight and well-designed, in my opinion. This specific asset inspired me to create my own tiny farming game.

If you’re working on a low-poly farming game, you should strongly consider using this component. These components will look fantastic in your scenarios with a little more post-processing. My only desire is that the plants come in a smaller size to make animating them easier, or that the plants develop over time.

Designed For:

  • Standard RP – Unity.
  • High-Definition RP.
  • Lightweight RP.
  • Universal RP.


  • Plants are a type of animal (76 pcs).
  • Commendations (69 pcs).
  • Structures (19 pcs).
  • The environment (39 pcs).
  • Nature (39 pcs).
  • Automobiles (24 pcs).
  • Particle Effects (6 pcs).


  • Prefabs that are completely modular.
  • Prefabs that are interactive.
  • 1 texture 1024px in.png They include format in the package.
  • The models range in size from 5 to 12106 verts.

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