Thalassophobia: Stylized Oceans allows you to easily build gorgeous underwater environments! It includes components from Sunken and Outpost, as well as 450+ new models, shades, and other features. Custom shades, constantly flowing kelp, colorful coral, and futuristic sea bases allow you to create vast, complex underwater landscapes.

The amount of content is incredible. The developer/artist is really responsive and will assist with any potential difficulties. In most situations, GPU batching is also supported. I like the art style; I’m really smitten with this. The developers of this asset did an excellent job; the models are clean, well-optimized, and easy on the eyes. This component is really simple to use and navigate right out of the box. Everything is carefully compressed and packed to operate well on most systems (even VR after a quick look). Based solely on the variety of concepts showed and performed in the demo scenarios. It should also provide fresher aspiring designers an idea of what they can accomplish with this pack and its number of elements to experiment with and design with.

660 Preferable:

  • There are 375 tropical fish and two sharks.
  • 61 sea base components
  • There are 57 different varieties of coral and kelp.
  • There are two types of icebergs, each with several variations.
  • 2 animated submarines with different sections.
  • 35 parts of the underwater temple.
  • There are 18 shipwreck remnants.
  • There are 40 huge rocks and 19 tiny rocks.

Rendering Tools Colorfully Styled:

  • Both built-in and URP are supported.
  • Amplify Shade Editor was used to create all shades, allowing for simple modification.
  • Caustic cookies, stylized fog, and water surface shades (built-in only).
  • Shades made of swaying coral and kelp that move with the currents.
  • Terrain shaders for the built-in render process, with support for up to four splats.
  • On the shaders level, a simple fish shaders mimics swim cycles.

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