Cartoon Cafeterias & Restaurants Volume

This bundle contains 5 sophisticated fast food cafeteria prefabs. Cartoon Cafeterias & Restaurants Volume contains 38 basic prefabs. You may create a variety of sophisticated prefabs by mixing these prefabs. It also included a road function Object tile set in the bundle. Everything you see in the pictures and videos with a stylized shader that is also included in the pack. They built some pieces using actual geometry, and as a result, the normal maps significantly increased the object’s poly count. However, it enables you to produce clean lines and a great level of detail.

They divided the prefabs into two types: basic and sophisticated. Every simple prefab has a 3D model, while they made big prefabs out of many simple prefabs. In this manner, you purchase a sort of environment function object and will make modifications to the final visual on your own, such as the colour of umbrellas and the design of seats, or the air conditioning system on the cafe’s roof. For all the items, they utilize a single diffuse texture with a resolution of 1k. The road tiles each have their unique texture. The bundle contains no textures other than diffuse maps. The texture definition is 1k, which may be in the project settings nearly without sacrificing quality. Cartoon Cafeterias & Restaurants Volume Pack is Awesome.

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