There are 41 super casual action models in the bundle. Those may be active parts in game creation, or as icons. Hypercasual Action Props is ideal for ultra-casual games. Simultaneously, the models may be high-quality props in your production. The first feature of the pack is that the UV map of all models is “collapsed” to a point or a line, allowing you to fill the model with pure material of one colour (if the map is “collapsed” to a line, you may fill it with a gradient), but it limits your ability to add detail using texture. Some wooden model pieces are exempt from this rule. When selecting this pack for your project, keep these things in mind. These methods allow for considerable increases in productivity and resource savings, although they need certain particular settings with colour changes.

The Hypercasual Action Props feature is that it contains another pack with purchased shades for Unity. This shaders will assist you in creating a bright and attractive visual look for your project. You can utilize shades that are already familiar to you as well as those that come with this collection. However, keep in mind the UV map and texture peculiarities. They supply the material as a PSD file, with groups and layers distributing various elements for painting models.


  • Atomic Bomb (1980 tris)
  • Bluster Pistol 01 (1276 tris)
  • Bomb 01 (740 tris)
  • Bomb 02 (392 tris)
  • Bomb 03 (456 tris)
  • Brass Knuckles (970 tris)
  • Bullet 01 Bunch (2576 tris)
  • Bullet 01 Single (416 tris)
  • Bullet 02 Single (320 tris)
  • Bullet 03 Single (480 tris)
  • Bullet 04 Single (320 tris)
  • Bullet Box (868 tris) 
  • Canister (594 tris)
  • Chain Saw (2788 tris)
  • Crowbar (136 tris)
  • Flamethrower (2614 tris)
  • Grenade 02 (974 tris)
  • Hit Mark (120 tris)
  • Knife 03 (548 tris)
  • Mine 01 (476 tris)
  • Mine 02 (1498 tris)
  • Minigun (2422 tris)
  • Magic Hammer (864 tris)
  • Parachute With Parcel (2562 tris)
  • Parcel (86 tris)

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