Country Lands

The package contains 149 stylized prefabrications linked by agricultural life. Country Lands may use this as high-quality advice for your project in game development. The first feature of the pack is that the UV map of all models “collapsed” to a single point or line that allows, conditionally, the model to be filled with pure one colour material (if the map has “collapsed” in a line, a gradient may into it), but that does not allow the details to be added with a texture. Some unique models or sections of them. When selecting this package for your project, consider these characteristics.

These methods allow a considerable gain in productivity and savings in resources, but in the event of colour changes require certain particular settings. The second aspect of the package is that it contains a different package with a paid Unity Shade. Country Lands shaders helps to make your project look really bright and trendy. Polygon number for a lovely and high quality shading. Also remember, if you believe the model is static and the player can not view these polygons in any manner, the models have deleted the unseen polygons.


  • Axe (226 tris)
  • Armchair (464 tris)
  • Bag x2 (286-433 tris)
  • Barn x3 color options (7224 tris with all doors)
  • Broken Barrel (780 tris)
  • Safe Barrel (672 tris)
  • Basin (682 tris)
  • Beetroot (334 tris)
  • Bench x2 (104-609 tris)
  • Big Oil Barrel (1022 tris)
  • Birdhouse (196 tris)
  • Bucket (524 tris)
  • Cabbage (484 tris)
  • Cargo x3 (76-136 tris)
  • Carrot (106 tris)
  • Chicken Coop (911 tris)
  • Corn x2 (850-860 tris)
  • Crate x3 (256-395 tris)

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