Fantasy Ruin Kit

The bundle comprises 112 prefabricates consisting of 68 single meshes. You may utilize or build ready-made prefabs utilizing original basic prefabs. You may utilize the kit bash technique, for example. Fantasy Ruin Kit utilize the patterns for the creation of imagination ruins or the like. You can locate safe and healthy pillars and several of them and portions of them, as well as aesthetically appropriate supports that have already been demolished. This package is of relevance mostly to RPG, MOBA, TD and RTS games, due to its style, Polycount and textures. But in other projects you can utilize it.

The Prefab poly count triangles are 20-1716.Fantasy Ruin Kit pretty little, and even if there are many prefabs from the pack in the scene, it won’t affect productivity. For all items, just one material (PBS Metallic) and a textural map with a 4096*4096 px specification are utilized. However, you may reduce the definition in the Unity menu practically without affecting the quality of the picture.

Color Variants:

  • Yellowstone.
  • Gray stone.
  • Brown stone.
  • Moss-grown stone.
  • Ice.

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