Low Poly Medieval Kit

Low Poly Medieval Kit containing 3D models for making a Medieval inspired low poly game. A massive number of high-quality assets at an affordable price for single creators/developers! One of the few medieval packs that contains a forge and anvil, as well as a wide range of dwellings. I wholeheartedly endorse it. Low Poly Medieval Kit includes a wide range of parts that are all well-assembled. A high-quality Medieval pack with a low-polygonal design. Prefabs are well made and of prime quality, with many aspects taken into consideration. There are almost 300 different models to choose from, including barrels, books, seats, homes, potions, scrolls, trees, weapons, and so on. As a bonus, they supply a sample scene. If you’re searching for a Medieval setting for your project, this is it.

This bundle contains the following assets:

  • Building Parts: 21 Prefabs
  • Decorations: 67 Prefabs
  • Environment: 118 Prefabs
  • Objects: 130 Prefabs
  • Vehicles: 3 Prefabs
  • Weapons: 14 Prefabs
  • Work Stations: 7 Prefabs

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