Stylized Nature Kit

Stylized Nature Kit is a 3D package for creating a stylized nature setting. Performance optimized to build hundreds of models. For models far away, models are automatically used to a lesser detail. I appreciate this author’s visual style very well. The money you spend gets a huge package, and they use it wisely. Excellent asset! Many nice pre fabrics seem good. For anyone, I suggest this asset! But I don’t know how to utilize xD a little of this water. Ten of ten trees. Stylized Nature Kit mind blowing asset.

Package Contains:

  • 5x Fir Trees
  • 2x Young Fir Trees
  • 5x Broadleaf Trees
  • 5x Birch Trees
  • 10x Dead Trees
  • 5x Rocks
  • 5x Small Rocks
  • 5x Rock Cliffs
  • 5x Terrains
  • 5x Small Terrains
  • 5x Big Terrains
  • 3x Branches
  • 3x Stumps
  • 2x Logs
  • 2x Sticks
  • 2x Reeds
  • 2x Mushrooms
  • 2x Lily Pads
  • 3x Dead Shrubs
  • 3x Shrubs
  • 3x Flower Shrubs
  • 4x Flowers
  • 6x Grass
  • 7x Water Planes
  • 3x Planes
  • 5 Grass Hills
  • 5x Dirt Cliffs

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