Universal Vehicle Controller

The vehicle controls features a fully configurable vehicle behavior, damage system, AI, and much more. Universal Vehicle Controller will assist you in creating a racing game. Unity’s default render pipeline is the Built-in Render Pipeline. It is a general-purpose render pipeline with few modification possibilities. The Universal Render Pipeline (URP) is a Scriptable Render Pipeline that allows you to produce optimal images across a variety of devices. The HDRP (High Definition Render Pipeline) is a Scriptable Render Pipeline that allows you to produce innovative, high-fidelity visuals on high-end systems.

Universal Vehicle Controller is a useful tool for creating a racing game with great physics. UVC is useful for producing races of many genres, such as standard racing, drifting, drag racing, and so on. UVC may take part in local multiplayer games (Split screen). A characteristic of the asset is the ability to build simple arcade mechanics of the car, which allows any user, even those with no experience playing racing games, to play the game built based on UVC. UVC has artificial intelligence (AI) for several game types, including Drift, Race, and Pursuit. The item includes a useful AI route editor. They may view the AI demo in the video or in the demo version of the object in AI scenes.

A good vehicle controller, a damage system, a superb AI driver, and a variety of settings and demo scenarios to experiment with. Two detail vehicles with variations, as well as a helpful Discord channel This item is a must-have if you develop racing games. Given that virtually every drift game has only one car, the drift AI is extremely unusual. My Unity installation had some issues getting UVC to function at first, but the author gave rapid support and was very attentive and helpful. Just a suggestion: could ease automobile construction by including an editor.

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