Arcade Car Controller Multiplayer

Arcade Car Controller Multiplayer, a multiplayer component with arcade car mechanics. The asset includes two regimes with extremely distinct driving styles you can easily switch between or build new regimes. The defaults are an excellent starting point for a variety of automobile kinds and regimens (race or drift). The controls are solid and provide a powerful sensation of speed. Because the AI is programmable, we may change the difficulty level. You may restrict which car types can compete in each regime and change the AI’s behavior. The demo scenes are entertaining and give important knowledge for creating your own circuits and automobiles. I could utilize my own vehicles in a matter of minutes.

This component aids in the development of multiplayer automobile racing games. And I truly appreciate the developer’s reaction. One of the most valuable items in the store. This is a solid function for any game, not just racing. Outstanding performance and a great deal of fun to play and develop new games.


  • Multiplayer.
  • Realistic behavior of AI.
  • Imitation gearbox.
  • Positioning system.

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