Low Poly Vegetation

The Low Poly Vegetation is a full 3D environment kit that allows you to construct a Low Poly Vegetation setting. Performance has been optimized so that you may build hundreds of models. For models in the distance, models automatically use lesser detail levels. However, even for a low poly pack, several of the textures appear phone. There is a wide range of assets in this pack, far more than the most popular assets in this marketplace, and it is less expensive. The water is lovely, and I really enjoy the variety of branches, shrubs, trees and plants.

The following are included in the package:

  • 3x Branches
  • 3x Mushrooms
  • 3x Flowers
  • 3x Stumps
  • 1x Log
  • 5x Grass Patches
  • 3x Plants
  • 5x Trees
  • 5x Small Rocks
  • 5x Rocks
  • 5x Big Rocks
  • 2x Water Planes
  • 1x Mountain

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