Forever - Endless Runner Engine

A user-friendly, adaptable approach for creating linear, procedural levels. Forever is perfect for endless runner games, procedural racing games, and other similar applications. This is a remarkable piece of work, given that it bends meshes to build levels on the fly. Although creating your own meshes for level parts is time-consuming (most people will simply never get them to connect and then give up using plain old planes instead). The goal is to construct an endless runner that can only go in one way and cannot return (this is how infinite runners operate). When you get the asset, you will need to follow a 20-minute tutorial to learn how to utilize it.

This is what I used to make a runner with obstacles. The player just presses a button and goes vertically; the runner can create more complicated scenarios. It was really simple to test my game because the Level Creator script can produce random levels, sequential levels, and very good to test if all the obstacles are fine with just a few clicks. I’d had an idea for an infinite runner for a while, but needing to code all around it, as well as create a twisted route, was a bit much for the time I had. This engine saved me a significant amount of time. It’s well-made, and after some initial setup, it’s simple to use. The documentation is also simple to follow.

This is the sole tool accessible with the runner mechanic Level Editor tool. You don’t even have to be a developer to use this program to create an entire game. The developer support has also been outstanding. We could significantly enhance our game with their help. This is everything you need if you want to create any game with auto level generation! It streamlined and sped up my job. Because the example games, video lessons, and documentation are well-done, I could rapidly grasp how it works. I also appreciate how simple it is to write something unique to it. It’s simple to use, extremely powerful, and well optimized. It also works nicely for 2D and 3D games. I’m pleased I found this, so I don’t have to deal with shits anymore. Finally, they have fantastic support – the dev team responds within a day and helps you as much as they can. Forever operates by extruding and snapping level pieces together. The level segments are prefabs that are generated using the Unity editor. Create the level design for each section using the tools you are familiar with and then let our system handle the rest.


  • Generate a procedural route.
  • Extrusion of meshes and objects along the produced route is automatic.
  • Support for multi-threading in the generating process.
  • Pooling of Objects.
  • On mobile, it works flawlessly.
  • It is suitable for both 3D and 2D applications.
  • Setup is simple and uncomplicated.
  • It comes with built-in logic for navigating level routes.
  • Writing player behaviors requires just rudimentary programming abilities.
  • Functionality that is adaptable and easily extensible.
  • The term “open source” refers to the availability of information
  • For larger projects, there is a level streaming function.

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