The finest Dynamic Skybox, daytime and Unity URP cloud asset. All shaders, including volumetric were integrated into Shaders Graph so that you may quickly expand basic functions and adapt them to your project. I adore this item completely! It was a great assistance to my project, and the clouds look great! Thank you very much for this asset offering! I have a problem where “Skybox Definition Scriptable Object” returns all modifications made (how I want the Sky and the Sun in the Scene to look) to the standard. And it also accepts no modifications when I create the project.

Amazing Features:

A. Volumetric Clouds:
  • Volumetric Cloud configuration by drag-and-drop.
  • Control computational cost and performance implications with ease (profiled to 2ms at typical quality settings).
  • Experiment with cloud density, cloudiness, lighting intensity, sun colour influence, sky colour influence, cloud layer height and thickness, and base and detail noise scale and speed to flex your artistic muscles.
B. 2D Clouds:
  • Set the pace at which the cloud textures pan over the skybox.
  • To simply fit your colour pallet, configure the base colour and shaded colour for the clouds.
  • Determine the extent to which the sun affects the illumination of the clouds.
  • Change how much the colour of the sky affects the clouds.
  • With adjustable cloud thresholds, you can easily shift from overcast to clear sky.
  • To personalise the aesthetic of your clouds, choose the cloud and cloud shading sharpness – extremely soft and fluffy, or really crisp and stylish.
  • Custom UVs are used to guarantee that clouds may be seen immediately overhead with no UV “pushing” at the top of the skybox.
C. Time of Day Configuration:
  • Configure many named “Times of Day” with customizable sky hues, such as Night, Dawn, Day, and Dusk.
  • Control the size and colour of the sun to match the mood of your game.
  • You may easily skip to particular times of the day.
  • Control the amount of time it takes to switch between different times of day.
  • Set the total day duration using a slider to determine how long one real-life second lasts in-game.

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