All tiles are 1 and 2 tile sizes, which equate to 4 and 8 meters, respectively; the scale is lowered to real sizes. With a binding to meters, you may shift the tiles. The city is extremely simple to put together; please watch the video, which clearly illustrates the order in which the city should be put together. The kit includes everything needed to build any metropolis! Used in video games, graphics, and advertising. For the entire collection, one texture (1024/512/256/128px) and one material are utilized. The set of gathered cities are available in three variants in the files.

420 distinct items! Full collection of 300,000 triangles. It consists of 165 structures. 100 automobiles and 150 stadiums, playgrounds, landscapes, props, and other features.

Key Features:

  • 420 distinct items.
  • 300,000 triangles.
  • 165 structures. 
  • 100 automobiles.
  • 150 stadiums.
  • Playgrounds.
  • Landscapes.

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