The set includes everything you’ll need to build any city you choose! Used in video games, rendering, and advertising, among other things. To make the scale more realistic, all tiles are 1 or 2 tile sizes, which are equivalent to 4 or 8 meters. Tiles can be moved by setting a bound to meters. It’s really simple to put the city together.

There are 250 different items in this collection! Full collection of 120k triangles. There are 30 structures, 32 cars, 40 landscapes, 70 props, and other things included. To simplify things, only one texture and one material are required for the whole project. The predetermined and gathered cities may be found in the documents. Guys, this resource is really user-friendly and effective. It’s a godsend for my project.


  • 250 unique objects
  • 120k triangles
  • 30 buildings 
  • 32 vehicles
  • 40 landscapes
  • 70 props and much more

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