This fantastic new model collection, you can get started immediately on creating your own metropolitan metropolis setting! It includes over 70 meticulously created models of buildings, roads, trees, automobiles, and other props to bring your city to life. This is just what I was looking for. These are the ideal assets for my project. The artist is fantastic and gives excellent service. Models that are really well-crafted for any fun toonish game! I like how simple it is to use and how many objects are available to make my level seem even better. This item is highly recommended by me!

You can make a beautiful toon city with this asset. This is one of the best assets in unity asset store. It is very easy to use and integrate. I think this is the perfect asset for making cartoon games.


  • 70 Models
  • Beautiful buildings
  • Textured roads
  • lots of Trees
  • Number of car sets
  • Road side material
  • much more

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