This low poly style character is excellent for building your game and comes with a variety of accessories and styles to allow you to personalise the character exactly as you want. This component is incredibly lightweight and may be used in both computer and mobile games. The texture file has been optimized, and you may change the colours to suit your needs by changing the material offset. Unity’s default render pipeline is the Built-in Render Pipeline. It is a general-purpose render pipeline with few modification possibilities. The Universal Render Pipeline (URP) is a Scriptable Render Pipeline that allows you to produce optimal images across a variety of devices.

This is one of the best assets for my project. Mini modular characters are really meaningful and very easy to use. A lot of mind blowing features are here. I highly recommend it. 


  • One Body
  • Three Eyebases
  • Seven Eyes
  • One Eyebrows (with Blendshapes)
  • One Nose (with Blendshapes)
  • Two Mouths (with Blendshapes)
  • One Cheeks
  • Eight Hairs
  • Seven Shirts
  • One Hood
  • One Jacket
  • Three Pants
  • One Panties
  • One Brassiere
  • Three Tops
  • One Belt
  • Two Shorts
  • One Skirt
  • Four Shoes
  • Two Boots
  • One Slippers
  • One Sock
  • Four Glasses
  • Two Gloves
  • Two Headphones
  • One Backpack
  • One Side bag
  • Two Watches
  • Three Earrings

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