With this fantastic new top-down model kit, you can get started immediately on creating your own mediaeval country. It comes with 65+ meticulously made models to bring your project to life. Trees, greenery, rocks, and a plethora of other items are also included in the set to help you decorate your kingdom. This file contains everything you may possibly need for your medieval game. Excellent quality and a large selection of prefabs. It is simple to import and begin utilizing. To get started, create a simple demo scene. It’s a fantastic asset for my project. One of the best parts of this asset is very smooth work. I highly recommend it.

Key Features of Low Poly Medieval City:

  • Army Barrack
  • Blacksmith
  • Farmer’s House
  • Tavern
  • Water Mill
  • Windmill
  • Wooden Houses
  • Set also includes trees, foliage, rocks and lots of other props.

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