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In your own art, express sentiments and make every movement unique. This bundle contains the ideal animation for your project. You will also have the opportunity to create an SNS project with a special 196 cartoon style animation. The animations are excellent and may be used by any other character. The characters are excellent for low poly prototypes. This is the most practical motion pack. The animations run and transition really smoothly, and they complement one other well. I’d like to see the designer include a running leap and some idle variants (look-around, head-scratch kinds of things).

These are excellent animations to use as the foundation for any project including human figures. I’m using these animations with the All Star Character sets, and they’re great. A fantastic asset. You’re used to finding battle, magic, and other popular animations at Asset Store, but with this tool, you’ll get unique animations that aren’t as frequent and are highly helpful in a variety of games. I believe it is a touch pricey, but you will not be disappointed with the quality and variety. It will assist me in creating the game I desire, with a significant and positive influence on outcomes. I highly recommend it.

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