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45 strung animals in a bundle! Ideal for low-polygonal and geometric gaming designs. It also works with mobile devices. 45 animal packs contain a tons of amazing features and benefits, such as 1 albedo PNG texture, a dimension of 2048×2048, and 48 models totaling 122,978 tris. Each model has 45 prefabs, and there is one scene with all of them. The 45 animal packs include two materials, one for the animals and one for a skybox effect on the scene, as well as one rigging for each animal.

This animal pack is perfect for my project, and the animals work smoothly. It is a mind blowing asset. I highly recommend it. The Animal pack is easy to use and integrate.

Key Features of Animal Pack:

  • 1 albedo PNG texture, size 2048×2048
  • 48 models with 122,978 tris in total
  • 45 prefabs for each model
  • 1 scene with all the prefabs
  • 2 materials

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