The WeBuilder editor is one of the best code editing software for web languages. This tool is developed especially for the ease of developers. WeBuilder is a quicker and smarter editor for HTML, CSS, PHP and Python code and its features are fabulous.

It’s all-in-one coding software and supports many web development languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, Python, ASP, SSI, Perl, and others. It checks real-time PHP errors and validates HTML, CSS, JS code & general spelling. With a single click, you can edit and publish files directly on your Web server. It also supports Unicode and bracket matching.

Some of WeBuilder’s primary features include folding code, auto-completing, auto-replacing, multi-highlight, and much more. You can download the Blumentals WeBuilder if you’re currently programming in a simple text editor that isn’t specifically designed for code editing. It provides you a stunning user interface with tons of intelligent features. With the help of this software you can easily find errors in your code, and you will also get a detailed description of the error. Software is very easy to use and save your precious time.

Comparison Between WeBuilder and CoffeeCup HTML Editor

WeBuilderHTML Editor
Support many languages like Python, ASPSupport less languages
Fast searchingSlow searching
Many advance features & tabs supportLess features
Overall rating 4.8/5Overall rating 3.2/5


  • Powerful syntax highlighting
  • Easy to use
  • Advanced search
  • Support frameworks
  • Debugger is included
  • Shows code suggestion


  • More features needed to manage MySQL database

What has updated in version 2022?

Version 2022 adds numerous significant productivity Version 2022 adds numerous significant productivity-boosting improvements, including a code minimap, a built-in full-featured FTP client with side-by-side local and remote panels, and the long-awaited inline color preview for CSS. Other upgrades include PHP 8 support and a slew of minor tweaks.

  • Code minimap.
  • A complete side-by-side FTP client.
  • Inline CSS color preview.
  • Chrome preview version has been updated.
  • HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and PHP language support and functionality have been updated.
  • When numerous tabs are open, the program launches and exits faster.
  • Address many requests of customers that have gathered over the previous two years.
  • There are several new and reworked features.

You can read all the details here.


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