The Otaku Photoshop Plugin

The Otaku Photoshop Plugin v1.3 (FREE)

The Otaku Photoshop Plugin which helps you turn your photo in only a few clicks and minutes into contemporary Chinese Artwork. You may better your work and utilize your work in a multi-niche such as social media, album cover, posters and printing works by using the current UI design plugin panel and strong action-script approaches.

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Laradesk – Helpdesk Ticketing System

Laradesk – Helpdesk Ticketing System is a helpdesk service management solution. Customers may file tickets here, and agents can respond to them. With a simple and clean interface, your customers can manage their tickets with a few clicks and receive an email notice for each answer to their tickets. All of your customer support inquiries

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Radmin – Laravel Admin starter with REST API

Receive the new Laravel 8 edition Radmin – Laravel Admin starter with REST API uses the admin system Themekit bootstrap 4 with advanced form elements and a Chat Wizard. The user interface of laravel 8 has an eye-catching. Responsive interface on many computers, working on all the most important web browsers, desktop, iPhone, iPad, Tablet,

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