Frequently Asked Questions

All WordPress products, including plugins and themes, are licensed under the GPL (GPL). This means that once we’ve bought the product, we can redistribute it as we see fit. Your membership on our platform contributes to the upkeep and purchase of subscriptions to third-party theme and plugin writers. This type of crowd funding allows us to keep costs down, which we will then pass on to you.

Yes, all plugins and themes are downloaded safely by purchasing directly from the original developers, and we simply redistribute them without altering the items.

Don’t worry about it. They are included by developers so that the plugin or theme will automatically updated or so that you can register for support. The product can function normally even though nothing is entered into the license field. When updates become available on our website, we suggest manually upgrading the theme/plugins.

  • Lower cost.
  • Original archives that are free of malware, bugs, and ads.
  • All items are compatible with an infinite number of websites (domains) (unlimited license).
  • All items are accessible by direct links.
  • We refresh our products daily and are continually adding new products that are impossible to find somewhere else!

When we get notification of an update, we go download it from the author and update it on our website.

We send out daily emails informing customers that their items have been changed, so please provide an active email address when you sign up. You will also see our daily updates by going to our products section.

You can have as many as you want. Since the plugins and themes are GPL licensed, you can use them on as many websites as you want. Do you have a friend who is creating a website? Go tell a mate about them. There are no conditions attached.

No, you will continue to use the items until your membership expires. Though downloads and upgrades will be unavailable, your current installed plugins and themes will continue to function in your websites.

In cases where our subscription with the original developer has expired and we have no intention of renewing it for whatever reason. You will not see a revised version of the product in this situation.

We cannot include further updates for Envato items if the developer has deleted the item from Envato.

We do sometimes delete items from our store due to copyright complaints or DMCA notices.

The decision to purchase a new item for you is based on the amount of requests we get for that item or items. The availability of items is subject to change without warning.

We provide simple installation assistance for plugins and themes. If you need any big changes or advanced help, you can buy from the original author or hire a developer.