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    WP Setup Wizard WordPress Plugin


    Fortunately, you’ve come to the correct spot! I’d like to introduce you to the WP Setup Wizard plugin! This is an all-in-one extension that can configure your new WordPress site utilising a “Quick Setup Wizard” interface. Do you recall installing Windows apps using their simple setup wizard installers? Start the installer procedure, click “Next-Next-Next” just…

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    Universal Video Player – WordPress Plugin


    Universal Video Player is a Codecanyon-distributed wordpress plugin. Universal Video Player is compatible with all major browsers and mobile devices, and it supports YouTube, Vimeo, and self-hosted videos. Features : Responsive design is a type of web design that adapts to the size of Compatible with mobile devices. Google Analytics is a tool that allows…

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    Sticky HTML5 Music Player WordPress Plugin


    The Sticky HTML5 Music Player is a textpress plugin that Codecanyon distributes. Sticky HTML5 Music Player is a great way to add background music to your website, because the playback across your entire website will remain continuous. Sticky HTML5 Music Player WordPress Plugin Features : The Playback is continuous. The Color Scheme can be customized. Compatible…

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    Facebook Live Chat for WordPress


    Codecanyon sells a wordpress plugin called Facebook Live Chat for WordPress. This plugin enables you to include a Facebook chat box on your website, allowing users to communicate with you using Facebook Messenger. Features : You may talk to your customers at any moment. Chat about history indefinitely. Bandwidth is limitless. At the same moment,…

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    Directory Pro WordPress Plugin


    Directory Pro, a WordPress plugin, is available on Codecanyon. Directory Pro is a WordPress plugin that allows you to rapidly create a directory website. Features : Go to “My Account” on the site and add/edit a listing. My own favorites. This is my proposal. To participate in bidding, you must first make a deposit. Set…

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    CountDown With Image or Video Background WordPress Plugin 1.3


    CountDown is a WordPress plugin provided by Codecanyon with an image or video backdrop. This plugin reacts completely and changes the resolution of the browser/device. Enabling or disabling response compliance parameter. Features : Highly personalizable. The design is responsive. Compatible with mobile devices. Call back function. Multifunctional use. Easy setup. And a lot more than…

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    Conditional Free Shipping – WooCommerce Plugin 1.49


    Free shipment is conditional on the distribution of a WooCommerce plugin by Codecanyon. Conditional free shipping allows you to define a variety of restrictions in the WooCommerce cart such as minimum/max. quantity of total products or a minimum quantity to obtain free shipping. Features : Allows the manager to specify sophisticated rules. Set an explanatory…

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    CodeTabs – WordPress Responsive Swipe Tabs 3.0.3


    CodeTabs, Responsive WordPress Swipe Tabs is a WordPress plugin published through CodeCanyon. CodeTab is a wonderful plug-in tabs Plus slider, moving between slides on desktop and mobile when incorporated gesture swiping. Features : Swipe actions. The out-in impacts are more than 250+. Incorporated Slider. Completely reactive. True tab. Flat design. Horizontal tabs and vertical tabs…

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    Captcha Plus WordPress Plugin


    Captcha Plus is a Codecanyon distribution plugin for WordPress. For login, registration, recovery with password, comment forms and much more Captcha Plus may be used. Features : Fill in the captcha. Select the kind Captcha. Improve protection for captcha. Hide captcha. Set time limit to submit captcha. Captcha option for refreshing. Easy setup. Much more,…

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    Buttons X – Powerful Button Builder for WordPress 1.9.62


    Buttons X, Powerful Button Builder for WordPress is a WordPress plugin which Codecanyon distributes. You may construct any type of button on your WordPress Dashboard, with Buttons X. Features : Analytics Animation. History Analytics. Border Clone. Power buttons demo. Export / Import. Preview Instant. And more. Now Download Buttons X – WordPress Powerful Button Builder….

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    Breadcrumbs for WPBakery Page Builder 1.3


    Breadcrumbs is a plugin offered with Codecanyon for WPBakery. You may easily add breadcrumbs to your website using this plugin. Features : Non-smooth integration. Simple settings. And there’s much more. For further information, see the official website.   31383

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    Bookly Booking Plugin – Responsive Appointment Booking and Scheduling 15.1


    Bookly Booking Plugin is a wordpress plugin to be distributed by Codecanyon for responsive reservations and scheduling. Bookly offers a unique way to make the booking process customer-friendly. Features : Completely adaptable. Friendly for mobile applications. Intuitive design and sleek design. Friendly user area admin. Rich Line-Up Service. Sync staff schedules. Secure Payment Online. Message…

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    Booked Front-End Agents (Add-On) 1.1.13


    Booked Add-on Front-End Agents is a Codecanyon distributed WordPress plug-in. The normal profile shortcode of Booked Front-End agents is to be converted to a booked user’s appointment manager. Features : Booked plugin add-on. Installation easy. And more. The Front End Agent (Add-On) now is booked for download. You obtain from the original creator the exact.zip…

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    Booked Appointments Booking for WordPress 2.3


    Booked Term is a WordPress plugin that is released by Codecanyon for booking appointments. Booked Terms allow you to construct a system of bookings on WordPress and the website WooCommerce. Features : Guest bookings registered Fields & Time Slots customised. Profiles / custom login. Multiple calendars can be created. Specify the agents’ calendars. Change the…

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    Bolder Fees for WooCommerce 1.5


    WooCommerce Bolder Fees is an expansion of WooCommerce published by Codecanyon. WooCommerce Bolder Fees enables administrators to design a number of charges, flat rate, percentage or even the user’s optional option. Features : Create a range of charges. Options are easy to utilise. And more. Now Download WooCommerce Bolder Fees. You obtain from the original…

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    Blog Manager for WordPress 1.25


    WordPress Blog Manager is a WordPress plugin offered by Codecanyon. Blog Manager for WordPress brings to your WordPress-based website plenty of blog features. Blog Manager for WordPress Features : More than 20 models. Content drag & drop. Over 15 Effects of Hover. Various types of media. Widgets and shortcodes. Payment. Load More. Scroll Infinite. Styling…

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    Block Double Logins – Protect Your Membership Site 1.1


    The Block Double Logins is a wordpress plugin that Codecanyon distributes. Block Double Logins safeguards your websites from sharing accounts by prohibiting users from accessing them. When dealing with unfair consumers, you will save time and money. Block Double Logins Features : Hide users behind the proxy, block them. See at any given time who is…

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    Awesome Live Chat 1.4.2


    Awesome Live Chat is a Codecanyon WordPress plugin. Awesome Live Chat offers the customers great service and enhances new customers. Awesome Live Chat Features : No service from a third party. Great for quick service. Chat sessions not breakable. Answer on the go. Operators infinite. Departments are endless. Messages offline. Transcripts of the post speak….

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    ARForms – WordPress Form Builder Plugin 3.7.1


      ARForms is a Codecanyon-distributed WordPress Form Builder Plugin. Aweber, mailchimp, getresponse, Icontact, Constant touch, Ebizac, and GVO are among the seven autoresponder systems supported by ARForms. ARForms – WordPress Form Builder Plugin Features : Support for a variety of email marketing tools. Google Font Supported Form Styling Tool Support for several column layouts. There…

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    Apollo – Sticky Full Width HTML5 Audio Player


    Apollo is a Codecanyon-distributed Sticky Full Width HTML5 Audio Player Plugin. Both major browsers and handheld devices are compliant with this plugin. Features : Responsive architecture is a form of web design that adapts to the size of There are two types of versions: sticky and standard. Customizable to the max. Playback is continuous. In…