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    Toolset Cornerstone Integration


    It’s a WordPress plugin built by WP Types called Toolset Cornerstone Integration. Using Layouts’ drag-and-drop editor, you may start designing sites without writing a single line of code using Toolset Cornerstone Integration. Toolset Cornerstone Integration Features : Slider cell for the Cornerstone Orbit. Options for Cornerstone Rows and Cells. The list goes on.   9192

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    Toolset Avada Integration


    WordPress plugin Toolset Avada Integration is being developed by WP Types. Custom content may be simply added to the Avada theme using Toolset’s Avada Integration feature. Toolset Avada Integration Features : Page design for archived content. Using Views to display custom content The list goes on.   9190

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    Toolset Access


    It is being developed by WP Types as a WordPress Plugin called Toolset Access. Your WordPress site’s Toolset Access allows you control what various users can and cannot do on your site. You can provide rights to whole user roles or to particular users, depending on your preference. Toolset Access Features : Which material should…

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    Thrive Themes Ovation


    It’s Thrive Themes’ Ovation WordPress Plugin. Thrive Themes Ovation is a strong testimonial plugin for wordpress that can be set and forget. Features : You can make it your own. Templates with a professional look and feel Testimonials that are dynamically updated. That’s not all, either.   9088

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    Thrive Visual Editor / Architect


    Thrive Visual Editor is a WordPress Plugin offered by Thrive Themes that allows users to edit content in a visual manner. To edit something with Thrive Visual Editor, you simply click on it. Features : Clickable Buttons and Calls to Action. Testimonial Element – Add Social Proof. The Right Time to Make Your Call to…

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    Thrive Themes Ultimatum


    A WordPress Plugin, Thrive Themes Ultimatum, is available from the company, Thrive Themes. Special deals may be simply advertised throughout your whole website using Thrive Ultimatum. Features : A Special Offer can help you sell more of your products. Create a Product Launch that Creates Buzz. Boost Your Ecommerce Sales with these simple tips. Affiliate…

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    Thrive Themes Leads


    WordPress Themes by Thriving “Leads” by Thrive Themes is a WordPress Plugin that generates leads. It is a list building tool that was built by a team of professionals that are obsessive about converting visitors into customers. Features : If you’re interested in learning more about ThriveBox (Popup Lightbox). Forms that can be filled out…

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    Thrive Themes Headline Optimizer


    Thrive Themes’ Headline Optimizer is a WordPress Plugin. If your headlines aren’t accomplishing what they’re meant to, Thrive Headline Optimizer can help. Features : A/B Title Testing Made Simple. A large number of people are being tested. A/B Testing Metrics that are specific and specific. Reports on the level of participation. Reports in detail. 9084

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    Thrive Themes Clever Widgets


    A WordPress Plugin called Clever Widgets is being provided by Thrive Themes. WP Clever Widgets by Thrive is a WordPress plugin that effortlessly interacts with WordPress’s basic widgets. Features : Interface that is easy to use. It’s simple to use. The list goes on. 9081

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    Thrive Quiz Builder


    Quiz Builder is a Thrive Themes plugin for WordPress. In addition to increasing your email list and social shares, Thrive Quiz Builder will also provide you with valuable statistics to help you develop your business. Features : No coding required to build complex quizzes There are three different types of quizzes available to you. Analytical…

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    Yoast SEO Premium


    Yoast SEO Premium has been created by Yoast as a WordPress plugin. Yoast SEO Premium has numerous premium characteristics, like redirect managers and several keywords, for the free Yoast SEO plugin. It’s the most popular SEO for WordPress. Features : A manager for redirect. Focus keywords many. Social preview. And there are many other things….

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    iThemes Security Pro WordPress Plugin


    iThemes Security Pro is an iThemes WordPress plug-in. iThemes Security Pro is a wonderful plug-in for improving the security of your WordPress powered website with several vital features. Features : Brute force protection. Brute force protection. Detection for File Change. Detection 404. 404. Enforcement of Strong Password. Bad users lock out. Out of fashion. Login…

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    iThemes BackupBuddy WordPress Plugin


    BackupBuddy is a WordPress plug-in created by iThemes. BackupBuddy is a complete backup plug-in for your website (Widgets, Themes, Plugins, Database). Features : List of backups planned. Backups of the off-site. Non-WordPress Tables Back Up. Table Exclusion Directory and Database. Size limits and number of backups. Notices through email. Much more, too. For additional information…

  • Sale! Acamar – Tiled Layout and Clean Design Responsive Joomla Template 1.0.2

    Acamar – Tiled Layout and Clean Design Responsive Joomla Template 1.0.2


    Acamar has been provided as a Joomla template by Themeforest. Acamar gives the appropriate basis for your company website with its tiled style and overall clean appearance. Three navbar styles, customised modules and many useful features provide you with the freedom to display material. Features : The most recent versions of Joomla 3.8 and JoomShoping…

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    Yoast WooCommerce SEO Premium


    SEO Premium Yoast WooCommerce is a Yoast built WordPress computer. Yoast WooCommerce SEO Premium lets you create optimised shops, which will allow you to properly advertise your items by combining WooCommerce’s shopping card capability with the Yoast SEO Plugin. Features : Improve social media sharing experience, such as Pinterest. Exclude from the sitemap superfluous items….

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    Yoast Video SEO Premium


    Yoast Video SEO Premium has been designed by Yoast as a WordPress plugin. Yoast Video SEO Premium enables you to add thumbnail pictures to the integrated videos in the search results and get more attention. Features : Display your Google Videos videos. Improve the sharing experience with Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest videos. Enable fitvids.js to…

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    Yoast Local SEO Premium


    Yoast Local SEO Premium is a Yoast WordPress plug-in. Yoast Local SEO Premium helps potential consumers in your local neighborhood locate your website and enables you simply put Google Maps and Open Hours on your WordPress website and contact information. Features : Get your local community with prospective customers. Insert Google Maps easily, opening times,…

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    Yoast Local SEO For WooCommerce Premium 9.2


    The Yoast Local SEO is the wordpress plugins from Yoast for WooCommerce Premium. Yoast Local SEO For WooCommerce Premium lets you create your website so that your local community ranks above Google. Features : Local settings for WooCommerce. Google Maps are inserted. Add information of contact. Add hours of opening. Insert a finding place.  …

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    YITH WooCommerce Barcodes and QR Codes Premium 2.0.11


    YITH WooCommerce Barcodes, QR Codes Premium is a YITHEMES WooCommerce extension. You can produce and scan Barcodes and QR Codes with YITH WooCommerce Premium. They are created automatically on items and orders. This premium addon has so much functionality as well. YITH WooCommerce Download Premium barcodes and QR codes. You will receive the exact .zip…

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    YITH WooCommerce Best Sellers Premium 1.1.28


    YITH WooCommerce Best Sellers Premium was developed by YITHEMES as a WooCommerce expansion. You can build the bestseller section of your items using YITH WooCommerce Best Sellers Premium and help you improve your sales. This premium addon has so much functionality as well. The best sellers Premium download is YITH WooCommerce. You will receive the…