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  • Sale! Groups for WooCommerce 1.24.0

    WooCommerce Order/Customer CSV Export 5.3.2


    WooCommerce CSV Export is a WooCommerce expansion that Woothemes is developing. CSV Export allows you to export individual orders or bulk export orders on demand, or automatically export them through FTP, HTTP POST, or email. Features: Customer export information (name, email, addresses). Data for export order. Sets a personalised file name for the files exported….

  • Sale! EventON CSV Event Importer Addon 1.1.8

    EventON CSV Event Importer Addon 1.1.8


    Eventon distributes the EventON CSV Event Importer plugin. This addon allows you to export events from a different event plugin or calendar and import them into EventON Calendar. EventON CSV Event Importer Addon Supported Event Fields : The status of the publication. The title and subtitle of the event. Description of the event. Event start…

  • Sale! csv-exporter

    Download Monitor CSV Exporter 4.0.0


    With the Download Monitor CSV Exporter, you can export all of your download data to a CSV file in one click, including categories, tags, and file versions. Features : In one click, you may export everything. Importing is simple. And there’s more.   9056

  • Sale! csv-importer

    Download Monitor CSV Importer 4.1.1


    The CSV Importer in Download Monitor allows you to mass import up to thousands of downloads into Download Monitor. Features : Import downloads with ease. Data Mapping is a technique for organizing information. And there’s more.   9053