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    Toolset Divi Integration


    Toolset Divi Integration, by WP Types, is a WordPress Plugin for Divi integration. Site wireframing can be done with Toolset and content may be added with Divi Builder with Toolset Integration. Toolset Divi Integration Features : There are two types of Divi Cells: Options for Divi Rows. The list goes on.   9198

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    Elegant Themes Divi Builder


    Elegant Designs Elegant Themes has created a WordPress plugin called Divi Builder. Elegant Themes Divi Builder allows you to experiment with new and interesting layout options. Features : In a matter of seconds, you may create advanced column structures. With a single click, duplicate any element. To hide an item on the frontend, disable it….

  • Sale! Divi WordPress Theme 4.9.4

    Divi WordPress Theme 4.9.4


    Elegant Themes distributes Divi as a WordPress theme. The Divi Builder, a lightning-fast and very intuitive front-end editor unlike anything you’ve ever seen, lies at the heart of Divi. Features : Design in real time. Everything may be customized. Editing that is responsive. And there’s more.   10087

  • Sale! Divi Booster WordPress Plugin 3.5.0

    Divi Booster WordPress Plugin


    Divibooster.com has created a WordPress plugin called Divi Booster. Divi Booster enhances your Divi theme by introducing more than 50 more customization options. Features : Divi now has almost 50 more configuration options. It’s simple to use. And there’s more.   9532