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    WooCommerce Payment Gateway Based Fees 3.2.3


    WooCommerce Payment Gateway Fees is the WooCommerce extension that Woothemes is developing. WooCommerce Payment Gateway Based Fees allows you to apply an order charge depending on the payment gateway you have chosen. In addition to being modified by the Shop Administrator on an order, the fee can automatically be calculated on the price of some…

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    Bolder Fees for WooCommerce 1.5


    WooCommerce Bolder Fees is an expansion of WooCommerce published by Codecanyon. WooCommerce Bolder Fees enables administrators to design a number of charges, flat rate, percentage or even the user’s optional option. Features : Create a range of charges. Options are easy to utilise. And more. Now Download WooCommerce Bolder Fees. You obtain from the original…