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  • Sale! WooCommerce Payson Form 1.7.4

    WooCommerce Payson Form 1.7.4


    WooCommerce Payson Form has been built by Woocommerce.com as a wooCommerce plugin. WooCommerce Payson Payments may be made using Payson form. Features : In minutes easy setup. Seamless woocommerce connection. And more.   14843

  • Sale! Screenshot_227

    Super Forms – Drag & Drop Form Builder 4.9.710


    Codecanyon distributes Super Forms, a drag-and-drop form builder. You may design any sort of form using Super Forms, from a basic contact form to a sophisticated application form. Features : Drag and drop is a great way to get things done. There are more than 30 elements in all. System of Columns and Grids. The…

  • Sale! Gravity Perks Reload Form 2.0.2

    Gravity Perks Reload Form 2.0.2


    Gravitywiz distributes the Gravity Perks Reload Form WordPress Plugin. The Gravity Perks Reload Form feature allows you to have the form automatically reload after a set amount of time. Features : Integration that is seamless. It’s simple to use. And there’s more.   10000

  • Sale! Gravity Perks Auto Login 2.2

    Gravity Perks Multi-page Form Navigation


    Gravitywiz distributes the Gravity Perks Multi-page Form Navigation WordPress Plugin. Users can move between the pages of your Gravity Forms multi-step form more quickly with Gravity Perks Multi-page Form Navigation. Features : Integration that is seamless. It’s simple to use. And there’s more.   9977

  • Sale! Screenshot_187

    FormCraft – Premium WordPress Form Builder 3.8.25


    Codecanyon distributes FormCraft, a premium WordPress Form Builder. FormCraft makes it simple and quick to create gorgeous forms. Features : Fields of wonder. There are 23 fields in all. Fields with retina-optimized pictures. Forms that are responsive. Form interface driven by AJAX. Validation of the form. Form data should be auto-saved for the end-user. Uploader…

  • Sale! Screenshot_180

    Form Themes for NEX-Forms 7.5.13


    Codecanyon sells an extension called Form Themes for NEX-Forms. This handy add-on allows you to choose from 25 different predefined themes (colour schemes) to rapidly modify the look of your form. Features : Form Analytics is a tool for analysing forms. Math Logic / Cost Estimation The site is fully responsive. Forms that are interactive….

  • Sale! Screenshot_46

    Storage for Contact Form 7 2.1.0


    Precisely the same and original files 100%! Storage for the Contact Form 7 is a codecanyon distribution of WordPress plugins. The Contact Form 7 storage enables all form submissions to be kept in the WordPress Backend. Storage for Contact Form 7 Features : CSV submissions on export form. Stored in the WordPress Backend all form submission. Much more, too. Download Now Storage for Contact Form 7…

  • Sale! Screenshot_107

    ez Form Calculator – WordPress plugin


    Codecanyon distributes the easy Form Calculator WordPress Plugin. For both yourself and your clients, ez Form Calculator allows you to construct basic form calculators, complex cost estimators, and lengthy contact forms. Features : Create a form using the Drag and Drop Builder. Calculation that is more advanced. Form Element has a 15++ rating. Verification on…

  • Sale! Screenshot_143

    DHVC Form – WordPress Form for Visual Composer 2.2.46


    Codecanyon distributes DHVC Form, a WordPress Form for Visual Composer. You can effortlessly develop and manage forms with DHVC Form WordPress Form for Visual Composer. Features : Form elements may be dragged and dropped. Conditional Logic is a type of logic that is used to solve problems. Templates for custom form elements are simple to…

  • Sale! Screenshot_267

    Custom Form Fields add-on for OptIn Ninja 1.05


    Custom Form Fields is a Codecanyon add-on to OptIn Ninja. You may add as many custom form fields as you need to your OptIn pages. Features : Add limitless custom field numbers. Edit field holders / text assistance. Edit field holders Autoresponder Integration can be changed by field names. As needed, mark the chosen fields….

  • Sale! Screenshot_305

    Contact Form – WordPress Contact Form Plugin 2.3.1


    Exact same files and 100% original! WP Contact Us Form is a WordPress Contact Form Plugin available on Codecanyon. This plugin allows you to show a simple and encouraging form where your visitors may leave you notes. WP Contact Us Form – WordPress Contact Form Plugin Features : Send button with text that may be…

  • Sale! screenshot_96

    Give Per Form Emails 1.1


    Give By Form Emails is a Give WordPress plugin. Give per Form Emails that allow you to personalise all the logo, subject matter, material and even prototype by donation form. Give Per Form Emails Features : Easy Setup in Minutes Send custom emails per donation form Custom emails can use a different email template, logo,…

  • Sale! screenshot_97

    Give Per Form Gateways 1.0.2


    Give Per Form Gateways is a Give WordPress plugin. Give by shape Gateways enables gateways “globally” to be disabled or activated, which means that the enabled gateway is used for all donation forms.Give Per Form Gateways Features : Toggle payment gateways per donation form Set the default payment gateway per donation form Works with all…

  • Sale! Screenshot_200

    ARForms – WordPress Form Builder Plugin 3.7.1


      ARForms is a Codecanyon-distributed WordPress Form Builder Plugin. Aweber, mailchimp, getresponse, Icontact, Constant touch, Ebizac, and GVO are among the seven autoresponder systems supported by ARForms. ARForms – WordPress Form Builder Plugin Features : Support for a variety of email marketing tools. Google Font Supported Form Styling Tool Support for several column layouts. There…

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    Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) Pro 5.9.4


    Pro is a top-class WordPress plugin which helps you easily build your website. Advanated custom fields (ACF) Pro A WordPress theme lends you the first design of your website, making your website very usable with plugins such as Advanced Custom Fields (ACF). Custom Fields Advanced (ACF) You won’t have to make extra SEO efforts as…