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    Hreflang Manager WordPress Plugin 1.12


    Hreflang Manager is a Codecanyon-distributed wordpress plugin. The Hreflang Manager WordPress Plugin allows you to use hreflang in WordPress to tell search engines which languages or geo-targets the different versions of your site are targeting. Features : Advantages of SEO Implementation is quick. And There’s More. For small and large website networks. Ready for multilingual…

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    Hreflang Flags WordPress Plugin 1.10


    Hreflang Flags is a wordpress plugin available from Codecanyon. Hreflang Flags identifies your hreflang implementation and creates the necessary flags connected to the alternate versions of your pages automatically. Features : Flags that are automatically raised. Included are 2400 flags. Multisite-capable. Ready for multilingual use. Configuration is simple. And there are plenty more. For additional…