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    WP Setup Wizard WordPress Plugin


    Fortunately, you’ve come to the correct spot! I’d like to introduce you to the WP Setup Wizard plugin! This is an all-in-one extension that can configure your new WordPress site utilising a “Quick Setup Wizard” interface. Do you recall installing Windows apps using their simple setup wizard installers? Start the installer procedure, click “Next-Next-Next” just…

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    WooCommerce Swatches Pro Plugin


    WooCommerce Swatches Pro is a plugin available on Codecanyon. This plugin allows you to create colour, multicolor, label, variation first image, or custom image swatches in bulk to show the available product variant attributes. Features : The integration is flawless. Simple to set up. And there are many more.   31722

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    WP Job Hunter – WordPress Job Board Plugin


    WP Job Hunter is the most straightforward option for displaying jobs on any sort of website. As you may be aware, several very large Job Portals give the possibility to access their database and augment your website with job offers. This plugin can automate everything, and some job providers will pay you a fee if…

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    Search & Filter Pro – The Ultimate WordPress Filter Plugin


    Designs & Code’s Search & Filter Pro is the Ultimate WordPress Filter Plugin. Your articles, custom posts, and items may all be filtered with Search & Filter Pro. Features : You may create a search form to find posts, items, or custom post kinds on your website. Add meta data and taxonomy filters to WordPress….

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    Toolset Types WordPress Plugin


    A WordPress Plugin called Toolset Types is currently being developed by WP Types. Simply build custom post types and taxonomies to tie them all together. Toolset Types WordPress Plugin Features : It is possible to create your own custom posts, fields, and taxonomies. Assign fields to recurring groups. And there’s more.   26438

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    Themify Builder WordPress Plugin


    Developers at Themify are currently working on a WordPress Plugin called Themify Builder. When it comes to page designers and builders for WordPress, Themify Builder is the most powerful and easiest to use one. Features : Responsive. Friendly to search engines. There is a multisite support system. And there’s more. 10507

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    iThemes Security Pro WordPress Plugin


    iThemes Security Pro is an iThemes WordPress plug-in. iThemes Security Pro is a wonderful plug-in for improving the security of your WordPress powered website with several vital features. Features : Brute force protection. Brute force protection. Detection for File Change. Detection 404. 404. Enforcement of Strong Password. Bad users lock out. Out of fashion. Login…

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    iThemes BackupBuddy WordPress Plugin


    BackupBuddy is a WordPress plug-in created by iThemes. BackupBuddy is a complete backup plug-in for your website (Widgets, Themes, Plugins, Database). Features : List of backups planned. Backups of the off-site. Non-WordPress Tables Back Up. Table Exclusion Directory and Database. Size limits and number of backups. Notices through email. Much more, too. For additional information…

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    WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates – WordPress Plugin


    WooCommerce Codecanyon sells Amazon Affiliates, which is a WordPress plugin. WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates allows you to earn advertising fees by promoting Amazon goods on your Woocommerce website. Features : Works with any WordPress installation as a plugin. Any theme will work with it. You can pick any Amazon location. The 90-day cookie functionality is available….

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    Woo Gift – Advanced Woocommerce Gift Plugin 4.7


    Woo Gift is a Codecanyon-distributed Advanced Woocommerce Gift Plugin. You may set an endless number of gifting rules with Woo Gift. This plugin will help you increase your sales. Features : The design is simple and elegant. Support for products that are variable. Layout that is responsive. Support for many languages. Rules for Flexible Gifting…

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    HTML5 Audio Player WordPress Plugin 3.4


    HTML5 Audio Player is a wordpress plugin available on Codecanyon. This plugin may be used as a full-featured html5 audio player or just as background music for your website. Features : Color Scheme that Can Be Changed Compatible with mobile devices. Elements can be shown or hidden. Shortcode parameters are optional. Configuration is simple. And…

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    Hreflang Manager WordPress Plugin 1.12


    Hreflang Manager is a Codecanyon-distributed wordpress plugin. The Hreflang Manager WordPress Plugin allows you to use hreflang in WordPress to tell search engines which languages or geo-targets the different versions of your site are targeting. Features : Advantages of SEO Implementation is quick. And There’s More. For small and large website networks. Ready for multilingual…

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    Hreflang Flags WordPress Plugin 1.10


    Hreflang Flags is a wordpress plugin available from Codecanyon. Hreflang Flags identifies your hreflang implementation and creates the necessary flags connected to the alternate versions of your pages automatically. Features : Flags that are automatically raised. Included are 2400 flags. Multisite-capable. Ready for multilingual use. Configuration is simple. And there are plenty more. For additional…

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    Hero Menu – Responsive WordPress Mega Menu Plugin 1.15.3


    Hero Menu is a Codecanyon-distributed Responsive WordPress Mega Menu Plugin. Hero Menu makes it simple to build a custom WordPress menu in just a few steps. Features : Responsive Menu Builder is a program that allows you to create menus that are responsive to Completely adaptable. It’s simple to use. Menu for mobile devices. Content…

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    Hero Maps Premium – Responsive Google Maps Plugin 2.1.6


    Hero Maps Premium is a Codecanyon-distributed Responsive Google Maps WordPress Plugin. Hero Maps Premium makes it simple to integrate Google Maps to your WordPress website. This plugin also has a lot of configuration options, including the ability to use Marker Geo Mashup to combine all of your markers into one map. Features : WYSIWYG. Full-screen…

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    Hero – Shoutcast and Icecast Radio Player With History Plugin 4.1.2


    Hero is a Codecanyon-distributed Shoutcast and Icecast Radio Player With History Plugin. This plugin is the ultimate radio player with support for ShoutCast and IceCast streams, as well as history. Features : Support for Shoutcast and Icecast. Only a radio stream is required. Responsive design is a type of web design that adapts to the…

  • Sale! Use Your Drive – Google Drive Plugin for WordPress 1.11.10

    Use Your Drive – Google Drive Plugin for WordPress 1.11.10


    Codecanyon is selling a Google Drive WordPress plugin called Use Your Drive. Use Your Drive gives you a highly flexible and user-friendly option to incorporate Google Drive into your website or post. Features : This is a file browser. Gallery. Audio and video players are available. Upload your work to the cloud. And there are…

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    Unlimited Pop-Ups WordPress Plugin 1.5.1


    The Codecanyon-distributed Unlimited Pop-Ups WordPress Plugin is a WordPress Plugin. The Unlimited Pop-Ups WordPress Plugin allows you to build a variety of pop-ups with custom styles, colours, sizes, and display settings, as well as HTML, CSS, Javascript, and WordPress Shortcodes. Features : There are no limits to how many pop-ups you can have. There are…

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    Responsive HTML5 Audio Player PRO WordPress Plugin 3.3


    Codecanyon distributes Responsive HTML5 Audio Player PRO, a wordpress plugin. The WordPress Responsive HTML5 Audio Player PRO Plugin is a top-notch responsive HTML5 Audio Player that works with all major browsers and mobile devices. Features : Responsive design is a type of web design that adapts to the size of Compatible with mobile devices. Any…

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    Universal Video Player – WordPress Plugin


    Universal Video Player is a Codecanyon-distributed wordpress plugin. Universal Video Player is compatible with all major browsers and mobile devices, and it supports YouTube, Vimeo, and self-hosted videos. Features : Responsive design is a type of web design that adapts to the size of Compatible with mobile devices. Google Analytics is a tool that allows…