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  • Sale! Toolset Types WordPress Plugin 3.4.9

    Toolset Types WordPress Plugin


    A WordPress Plugin called Toolset Types is currently being developed by WP Types. Simply build custom post types and taxonomies to tie them all together. Toolset Types WordPress Plugin Features : It is possible to create your own custom posts, fields, and taxonomies. Assign fields to recurring groups. And there’s more.   26438

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    Toolset Twenty Sixteen Integration


    A WordPress Plugin called WP Types’ Toolset Twenty Sixteen Integration was created by WP Types. Incorporating Toolset Twenty Sixteen makes it simple to alter and expand the Twenty Sixteen theme. Toolset Twenty Sixteen Integration Features : There are twenty-sixteen cells in all. Two Hundred and Sixteen Rows of Options And there’s more.   9196

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    Toolset Twenty Fifteen Integration


    A WordPress plugin called Toolset Twenty Fifteen Integration was created by WP Types. It is possible to develop layouts that incorporate widgets and components particular to this theme using the drag-and-drop editor provided by Toolset Twenty Fifteen Integration. Toolset Twenty Fifteen Integration Features : The creation of archive pages Views for Custom Content Display And…

  • Sale! screenshot_71

    Toolset Module Manager


    Developers at WP Types are now working on Toolset Module Manager, a WordPress Plugin for managing modules. Using Toolset’s Module Manager, you may migrate whole modules of functionality from one web site to another. Toolset Module Manager Features : Integrate functions into a single site. As a module, group similar parts together. The module should…

  • Sale! screenshot_77

    Toolset Layouts


    It’s a WordPress plugin being developed by WP Types, called Toolset Layouts. Toolset Layouts is designed for WordPress developers who want to take use of the full power of Bootstrap, as well as a drag-and-drop editor that makes it easy to customise. Toolset Layouts Features : Convenient Bootstrap design for perfectionists. Drag-and-drop design on the…

  • Sale! screenshot_72

    Toolset WooCommerce Views


    A WordPress plugin called Toolset WooCommerce Views was created by WP Types. Custom WooCommerce sites may be built with Toolset WooCommerce Views. Toolset WooCommerce Views Features : The Product Template File is a.txt file This is a WooCommerce Theme. And there’s more.   9202

  • Sale! screenshot_80

    Toolset Views


    A WordPress Plugin by WP Types, Toolset Views is a collection of views for WordPress. You may display WordPress material using Toolset Views, which does not require any coding skills. Toolset Views Features : Add items to the site’s home page to make it more appealing. It’s easy to add custom fields to any page….

  • Sale! screenshot_68

    Toolset Genesis Integration


    A WordPress Plugin called WP Types Toolset Genesis Integration is being developed by WP Types. Custom Post Types & Fields may be added to Genesis without any coding knowledge. Toolset Genesis Integration Features : Use Toolset as a connector. There are a number of options for Genesis Cells. The list goes on.   9194

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    Toolset Divi Integration


    Toolset Divi Integration, by WP Types, is a WordPress Plugin for Divi integration. Site wireframing can be done with Toolset and content may be added with Divi Builder with Toolset Integration. Toolset Divi Integration Features : There are two types of Divi Cells: Options for Divi Rows. The list goes on.   9198

  • Sale! screenshot_73

    Toolset Customizr Integration


    A WordPress plugin called Toolset Customizr Integration was created by WP Types. Toolset Customizr Integration lets you take use of Customizr’s many amazing features, as well as Layouts integration and Bootstrap CSS support. Toolset Customizr Integration Features : Create your own own cells using Customizr Cells. Rows settings can be customised. The list goes on….

  • Sale! screenshot_75

    Toolset CRED Commerce


    Developers WP Types are working on Toolset CRED Commerce, a WordPress Plug-in. To enable payments via e-commerce plugins when submitting forms, Toolset CRED Commerce is an add-on plugin for the CRED platform. Toolset CRED Commerce Features : When it comes to functionality, CRED Commerce fulfils the majority of requirements. The hooks are connected to actions…

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    Toolset CRED 2.6.8


    It’s a WordPress plugin being developed by WP Types, and it’s called Toolset CRED. To create forms for changing any WordPress content on the site’s front end, you may use Toolset CRED. Toolset CRED Features : Front-end forms allow you to create and update any sort of material. For sophisticated editorial procedures, use email notifications…

  • Sale! screenshot_67

    Toolset Cornerstone Integration


    It’s a WordPress plugin built by WP Types called Toolset Cornerstone Integration. Using Layouts’ drag-and-drop editor, you may start designing sites without writing a single line of code using Toolset Cornerstone Integration. Toolset Cornerstone Integration Features : Slider cell for the Cornerstone Orbit. Options for Cornerstone Rows and Cells. The list goes on.   9192

  • Sale! Screenshot_66

    Toolset Avada Integration


    WordPress plugin Toolset Avada Integration is being developed by WP Types. Custom content may be simply added to the Avada theme using Toolset’s Avada Integration feature. Toolset Avada Integration Features : Page design for archived content. Using Views to display custom content The list goes on.   9190

  • Sale! screenshot_79

    Toolset Access


    It is being developed by WP Types as a WordPress Plugin called Toolset Access. Your WordPress site’s Toolset Access allows you control what various users can and cannot do on your site. You can provide rights to whole user roles or to particular users, depending on your preference. Toolset Access Features : Which material should…

  • Sale! screenshot_81

    Toolset Maps


    WP Types has created Toolset Maps, a WordPress plugin. Any material may be displayed as markers on Google Maps using Toolset Maps. Features : Google Maps may be used to display anything. On Google Maps, you may use any material as a marker. And there’s more.   9218

  • Sale! Admin Columns Pro ACF Addon 2.6.4

    Admin Columns Pro Toolset Types Addon 1.6.2


      Columns for Admin Pro Addon for Admins Columns Pro is a tool collection types. You can use Addon Types for Admin Columns Pro Toolset to generate editable columns from your Toolset Types. Admin Columns Pro Toolset Types Addon Features : Switch in columns fields. Editing less time. Editing less time. Sorting and filtering improvements. And…