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  • Sale! Toolset Types WordPress Plugin 3.4.9

    Toolset Types WordPress Plugin


    A WordPress Plugin called Toolset Types is currently being developed by WP Types. Simply build custom post types and taxonomies to tie them all together. Toolset Types WordPress Plugin Features : It is possible to create your own custom posts, fields, and taxonomies. Assign fields to recurring groups. And there’s more.   26438

  • Sale! Admin Columns Pro ACF Addon 2.6.4

    Admin Columns Pro Toolset Types Addon 1.6.2


      Columns for Admin Pro Addon for Admins Columns Pro is a tool collection types. You can use Addon Types for Admin Columns Pro Toolset to generate editable columns from your Toolset Types. Admin Columns Pro Toolset Types Addon Features : Switch in columns fields. Editing less time. Editing less time. Sorting and filtering improvements. And…