AffiliateWP WordPress Plugin

Version: v2.8.4
Update Date: February 13, 2022



AffiliateWP WordPress Plugin is a dependable and simple WordPress plugin that help you build your business and make more money by providing affiliate marketing instruments. Select beautiful or unpretty URLs. Members may use their unique username or Affiliate ID in URLs. Choose how many days should be valid for the reference tracking cookie. Emails for admin notifications, pending affiliate applications, acceptance and refusal of affiliate applications, and fresh notifications of referral. For forecast, bookkeeping and accounting reasons, export and referral information to a CSV file. AffiliateWP looks like WordPress; integrates effortlessly. It lives on your website, so you have full control over it (not someone other than you). AffiliateWP operates wonderful on all sites, from large to tiny and between, tested and constructed with a special focus on performance.

AffiliateWP WordPress Plugin Features :

  • Easy configuration.
  • Precise tracking of affiliates.
  • Full inclusiveness.
  • Real time reporting.
  • The membership is unlimited.
  • And more.

In a matter of minutes, your affiliate program will be up and operating. Simply install and activate affiliateWP, and you’re ready to go. AffiliateWP WordPress Plugin consistently records affiliate referrals, even on servers with aggressive caching. With our Payouts Service, you can easily pay your affiliates straight to their bank accounts or debit cards in just a few clicks. Give your affiliates access to an infinite number of visual resources or text links to help them promote your site more quickly and effectively. Affiliate coupon tracking allows you to associate coupon codes with specific affiliate accounts. View affiliate reports, modify individual affiliate accounts, and control affiliate registrations.

This allows you to create automated affiliates for all users that register on your site with a new WordPress user account. Admins may monitor, automatically accept, or manually establish affiliate registers. A dashboard for your affiliates to check your performance, view income, discover your referral URL, and more. Affiliates may create themselves with the integrated reference link generator from the Affiliate Area. Choose among global, per-affiliate and per-product flat rate and percentage rate kinds. AffiliateWP WordPress Plugin ships a default registration form to allow users to immediately register as affiliates.

Additional Details

📄 License Type: GPL


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