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Amelia Enterprise Appointment Booking is very easy for users to photograph a suitable slot by entering one or more search criteria in a filter interface, as is shown by many major websites for reservation – if you use a hairdresser space, you can choose a specific date and hairdryer and browse available time slots. Amelia offers a short code that allows the search interface to be displayed by 2 clicks. If you have Amelia built on your WP, don’t think about it by inserting a separate page for each service segment, every service, using external image plugins, or organizing services in directories.

We are designing Amelia Enterprise Appointment Booking plugin with the newest technologies, new architecture and strategies for user interface. It helps you to provide your clients with an enterprise-wide, reliable reservation experience without engaging in branding or making profound improvements to your job. Amelia WordPress reservation plugin can completely automate customer engagement, help them choose the correct service and employee, handle payments, real-time SMS customer and employee reminders of reserved, cancelled or rebooked rates. Instead of interrupting the rhythm to make appointments, you should concentrate on your significant job.

It takes only a few clicks to install and configure Amelia. The emphasis for Amelia’s end users is constantly on optimum flexibility and ease, because much of the activities, both in the front and back ends are intuitive, requiring just 2-3 clicks. And in case you need assistance, Amelia has extensive plugin functionality documents – and we are still here to help, of course. Amelia Booking plugin offers company owners and managers a dashboard page that summarizes all essential business KPIs and shows them in widgets, diagrams and tables that enable performance monitoring with a glance of 5 seconds.

One of Amelia’s leading perspectives is a traditional step-by-step booking mechanism that is introduced in a single-page app format with an emphasis on smooth UX. Without having to leave the website, customers can easily pick up facilities, staff, location, date and time and payment information. The appointments can be tracked in dynamically calendar terms by managers and staff. The calendar may include annual, weekly, regular which timeline rates, and may be filtered according to employee, area, service or type of service. Amelia enables you to provide a search experience for your customers where one or more search terms can be used for programmes or time slots.

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