Array Themes Checkout WordPress Theme 2.0.1

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Update Date: May 12, 2021



Via checkout, ease of digital downloading, you create your own digital shop for photos, audio, ebooks, video, etc.

The check-out also provides you with different embellishment styles to create a professional and beautiful business or portfolio website. Create a website squad, add tables, feedback, and more!

With the EDD marketplace bundle (sold individually), you can transform the shop into a multi-seller marketplace where vendors can send their product on your website. Enable the extension to reduce any sale you make on your website (included in the sales package!

Also included in a Marketplace package are quality reviews, want lists, recommended marks and many more.

The dashboard offers editing and management of packages, new versions, reviews, profit views and more.

The inspection features a streamlined, intuitive interface, making the Site from laptop adaptable to a mobile phone with a browser size. For every age and characteristic, every programme is built.

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📄 License Type: GPL


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