CSS3 Responsive WordPress Compare Pricing Tables 11.3

Version: v11.3
Update Date: June 6, 2021



CSS3 Responsive WordPress Compare pricing tables is a WordPress plugin that Codecanyon distributes. The CSS3 WordPress Responsive Compare Tables is a clean packet of CSS3 Web Pricing Tables with loads of possibilities.

Features :

  • CSS + HTML pure.
  • Live Configuration Intuitive Admin Panel.
  • 2 Various styles of the table.
  • 20 Color versions predefined.
  • On the Website, unlimited number of tables.
  • Columns And Rows Unlimited number.
  • Configuration of Rows Heights and Paddings.
  • Text Configuration Alignment Columns.
  • Feature of sliding columns.
  • Advanced Rows Feature Option Expand/Collapse.
  • For columns, hover states with disabled capacity.
  • Included are CSS3 Tooltips/Hints.
  • Sorting of rows and columns.
  • 20 Sample Set-up Predefined.
  • To choose from 42 Tick / Cross Icons.
  • To choose from 60 Ribbons.
  • And more.

CSS3 Responsive WordPress Compare Tables Now Download. You obtain from the original author the file you want to download. Up to 99% and 100% virus free saving. You may save money.



Additional Details

📄 License Type: GPL


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