Easy Digital Downloads Wallet Addon 1.1.4

Version: v1.1.4
Update Date: June 15, 2021


Description distributes the Easy Digital Downloads Wallet Addon as an EDD Addon. The Wallet Addon for Easy Digital Downloads allows your customers to purchase shop credit and then redeem it for things in your store at a later date.

Features :

  • Customers can put money into their wallet.
  • The deposit amounts can be set by the administrator.
  • Customer receives a deposit confirmation email.
  • A user’s wallet can be used to make purchases at any time.
  • The balances of all customer wallets may be seen by the administrator.
  • And there are plenty more. For additional information, see the official website.

Easy Digital Downloads Wallet Addon is now available for download. You’ll get the file that you’d get from the original creator. You may save up to 99 percent of your money while remaining virus-free.



Additional Details

📄 License Type: GPL


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