iThemes Security Pro WordPress Plugin

Version: v7.1.0
Update Date: February 13, 2022



iThemes Security Pro is an iThemes WordPress plug-in. iThemes Security Pro is a wonderful plug-in for improving the security of your WordPress powered website with several vital features.

Features :

  • Brute force protection. Brute force protection.
  • Detection for File Change.
  • Detection 404. 404.
  • Enforcement of Strong Password.
  • Bad users lock out.
  • Out of fashion.
  • Login and Admin Hide.
  • Backups for the database.
  • Notices through email.
  • Change Salt & Key for WordPress.
  • Comparisons online file.
  • The integration of Google reCAPTCHA.

Download WordPress plugin iThemes Security Pro. You will receive the file from the original author. You will receive it. Up to 99% and 100% virus free of charge can be saved.



Additional Details

📄 License Type: GPL


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